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a brief explanation of long-distance relationships…

well for one thing, every night it feels like you’re laying on a bed of thorns, and why? Because any sudden movement and you realize that you won’t be waking up to the person that you love…one move to the left or right and you realize that they’re not there to kiss you good night just like you want to and it hurts- I don’t see it as being obsessed or infatuation or anything, it’s me feeling like a human being around this person and it is amazing.  It’s crying because you’re sick and tired of only seeing them on the weekends, it’s getting frustrated that you’ve resorted to texting them during the day and not hearing their voice during the week because your lives just don’t work like that, it’s saying “fuck it” and driving miles and miles even if it’s just to spend a single day with your significant other because you matter to them and they to you.  It’s beautiful, but it’s painful - doesn’t matter if its 100 miles or one million, the hurt is real but, as fucked up as this sounds, very much worth it…every single ounce

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How lost are we

to never be

Apart or part

Millenial heart

A generation brought about

In times of war and social clout

Pushed together, pulled away

Promised things but not today

the pain we suffer looks to be

a part of our eternity

but look not at the way we cry

nor times of trouble filled inside

the future that we’re meant to see

both shakes and takes a part of me

they may poke fun of us today

and mock our past along the way

though not our fault, let’s rearrange

and be the voice of better change

the time is now, has always been

for us losers to get a win

  -  9 September 2014


O fathers of this travelers past

Engraved in stone though time has passed 

These weathered tears they sing to me
And dance with my soliloquy
Oh lonely hearts, that speak their mind
And cause this pain to multiply
Turn back the time so I can see
Beauty inspired by misery
  -  9 September 2014


Take note!

my friends

of everything

dance among the stars with lovers held in hand

worries not in mind, nor fear of reprimand

Laugh, I beg, and seize the day

and how, you ask? there’s not one way

and those who claim they’re not included

and think their lives have been diluted

look ahead and don’t turn back

your steps make up for smiles you lack

  -  9 September 2014


If I ever seem arrogant or anything like that, please know I’m joking 100% I have zero self confidence and I sometimes pretend that I think im dead cool and awesome because I’m actually terrible so it’s mildly funny

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